October 2015: IPC Private Wealth Manager Insights 

Featuring short audio interviews with our IPC Private Wealth investment specialists. 

Volatility Not Necessarily a Risk
Teresa Lee, Portfolio Manager & Managing Director
Sionna Investment Managers Inc.

Volatility and risk do not necessarily mean the same thing. Teresa Lee explains how the current climate is serving up opportunities to invest in businesses that are undervalued by the market. She also discusses the impact of a higher U.S. dollar on the mandate’s holdings and explains Sionna’s positioning strategy in the Energy sector.

Sionna is responsible for managing the North American Value equities mandate.

Protection is Never Free
Tim Rudderow, President
Mount Lucas Management, LP

How is the U.S. Federal Reserve’s action on interest rates
influencing the markets? Tim Rudderow discusses his
view on the subject and explains where he believes the
current opportunities lie. This quarter, we also talk about
how the Global Trend and North American Sector
Rotation strategies are designed to preserve and
protect capital for investors, particularly when markets
are down. However, as Tim explains, it also means that
it will take time for the strategies to redeploy capital
back into the market when it recovers. Protection,
he adds, has a cost.

Mount Lucas Management is responsible for managing the
North American Sector Rotation and Global Trend Strategy

High Concentration in Energy and Financials
Ryan Bushell, Portfolio Manager
Leon Frazer & Associates Inc.

Ryan Bushell explains why the dividend mandates have a high concentration in the Financials and Energy sectors. He also discusses how the direction of economic growth, oil prices, and interest rates will effect dividend growth for the businesses owned in the mandates.

Leon Frazer & Associates is responsible for managing the Canadian dividend and the North American dividend mandates.