July 2015: IPC Private Wealth Manager Insights

Featuring short audio interviews with our IPC Private Wealth investment specialists.

A Dividend Strategy is Purpose Driven
Ryan Bushell, Portfolio Manager
Leon Frazer & Associates Inc.

Ryan Bushell explains how and why a dividend investment strategy is the only alternative in today’s market for investors looking for a stream of high quality, sustainable income. He discusses how this strategy ‘solves a problem for investors’, particularly for those moving from the accumulation to de-cummulation (spending) stage of their assets. Ryan also shares his thoughts on the recent weakness in price performance, and takes a look at some of the red flags on the horizon for the strategy.

Leon Frazer & Associates manage the Canadian dividend and the North American dividend mandates.

Financials and Energy Dominate Strategy
Dave Britton, Portfolio Manager and Marlena Zabielska,
Associate Portfolio Manager
Sionna Investment Managers Inc.

The Energy and Financial sectors continue to provide tremendous
opportunities for investors in the value equity space. This quarter,
Dave and Marlena explain why these themes dominate their
strategy and how they are investing in high quality businesses
that they believe will benefit investors over the long term.

Sionna manages the North American Value mandate.

Wide Disparity in Volatility Between Markets
Tim Rudderow, President
Mount Lucas Management, LP

There’s a significant difference in the level of volatility between markets in North America, Europe and the emerging economies, “some markets are unbelievably quiet, while others are volatile,” says Tim Rudderow. In this episode, we discuss what this means for the Global Trend and the North American Sector Rotation strategies, and how investors are able to benefit from these strategies when markets are choppy. Tim also discusses the mandates’ current allocation and how the recent headline news out of Greece is affecting their positioning strategy.

Mount Lucas manages the North American Sector Rotation and Global Trend Strategy mandates.