January 2016: IPC Private Wealth Manager Insights 

Featuring short audio interviews with our IPC Private Wealth investment specialists.

With Dividends, Energy Stocks Still Offer Solid Total Return Prospects  
Ryan Bushell, Portfolio Manager
Leon Frazer & Associates Inc.

Volatility in the Energy sector persisted throughout 2015 and has remained a concern for investors. Ryan Bushell shares Leon Frazer’s current views on the sector and explains why they believe there’s an opportunity for Canadian producers to be profitable in this space. Energy stocks, he says, still provide solid long term total returns for investors, particularly through their dividend payments.

Leon Frazer & Associates is responsible for managing the Canadian dividend and the North American dividend mandates.

Is the Energy Sector a Value Trap?
Teresa Lee, Portfolio Manager & Managing Director
Sionna Investment Managers Inc.

The Energy sector has witnessed sharp price declines, but is the sector now presenting a value trap for investors? Teresa Lee shares her thoughts on the sector and discusses why they believe there still are opportunities within the sector.

Sionna is responsible for managing the North American Value equities mandate.

A Choppy 2015, Where to in 2016?
Tim Rudderow, President
Mount Lucas Management, LP

Tim reviews some of the more prominent issues that affected the U.S. markets in 2015, and discusses how they are positioning the mandate during this time. With the decline in the commodity sector over the past year, the mandate’s allocation to the sector has been reduced, but Mount Lucas believes that the sector will start to recover, and the mandate will rotate back into the sector over time.

Mount Lucas Management is responsible for managing the North American Sector Rotation and Global Trend Strategy mandates.