April 2016: IPC Private Wealth Manager Insights

Featuring short audio interviews with our IPC Private Wealth investment specialists.

Negative Interest Rates in Canada?
Ryan Bushell, Portfolio Manager
Leon Frazer & Associates Inc.

As Europe and Japan introduce negative interest rates to help lift their economies, what is the likelihood of negative interest rates for Canada? Ryan shares his perspective on the subject and discusses the short and long-term prospects of rates in Canada. Ryan also discusses the performance of the Canadian dollar over the past quarter and its prospects relative to the U.S. dollar. He concludes by discussing some of challenges facing oil producers on both sides of the border and shares his general thoughts on the Energy sector and the price of oil.

Leon Frazer & Associates is responsible for managing the Canadian dividend and the North American dividend mandates.

Where is the Value?
Teresa Lee, Portfolio Manager & Managing Director
Sionna Investment Managers Inc.

In spite of some price volatility over the past few months, there are still sectors of the market where Sionna is uncovering value opportunities. This quarter, Teresa discusses why they believe there are strong value opportunities to be found in the Energy and Financial sectors specifically, and explains how their mandate is positioned in these sectors. She also shares her views the currency fluctuations and hedging.

Sionna is responsible for managing the North American Value equities mandate.

Protecting Downside Risk
Tim Rudderow, President
Mount Lucas Management, LP

The Global Trend Strategy has been out of international and emerging markets for some time due to several macro factors. Tim outlines the underlying reasons for staying out of these markets and explains how the strategy has benefited from following the algorithmic trends it follows to protect investors. Some of these trends are beginning to change direction - Tim discusses the sectors that the mandate is poised to get back into, including the commodity market.

Mount Lucas Management is responsible for managing the North American Sector Rotation and Global Trend Strategy mandates.